Meet the wonderful people we work with.

Are you planning on coming to an Absolutely Mindful Retreat Day? Use the bio section below to find out more about the amazing people we work with to give you a truly relaxing day.

Liz Pritchard, Blissful Dragon Therapeutic Sound

Liz runs sound and music workshops in and around Wolverhampton and the Black Country.

A sound bath is like a concert with Himalayan bowls, gongs, crystal singing bowls and ends with various therapeutic percussion instruments. It is a passive activity where you lie down and receive the sounds produced by the instruments. This can produce deep states of relaxation and altered states of consciousness such as when going into a deep meditation. This is quite safe and beneficial for the system – cortisol (stress hormone) levels lower, muscles relax and chemicals such as potassium and sodium balance themselves.

Relaxation with sound has proven to be a powerful tool for stress relief, and it has been shown that the effects last longer than with meditation alone. Lying on a comfortable mat for an hour, drifting away to the sounds of instruments is a truly relaxing experience. Those who have experienced a sound bath report feeling refreshed with energy levels restored. So what do you think? Give it a try at one of Absolutely Mindful’s retreat days, or contact Liz directly to find out more.

Visit the Blissful Dragon Therapeutic Sound website to read more.

Kirsty Mack, House Of Colour

House of Colour

Kirsty is an image consultant with House of Colour, and is based in Stourbridge.

Take a moment to step inside your wardrobe, how does it make you feel? Most of us will start our day by opening our wardrobe doors and choosing something to wear. Is it a positive experience, or does it leave you feeling frustrated and stressed? Do you love what you’ve chosen, does it make you feel fabulous, or is it just easy and familiar? The clothes and colours we wear can instantly change our mood and approach to the day. Key to this is making sure that the clothes we wear are true to our authentic self – that they reflect the person inside.

Everything about personal styling and colour analysis  with House of Colour is focused on the individual. Kirsty is passionate about working with people to find their best colours and develop their own signature style  – giving you all the tools you need to be yourself, with confidence.

Visit the House of Colour website to find out more!

Jo Gaffney, House Of Colour

Jo Gaffney is an image consultant and occupational therapist combining her expertise in lifestyle and wellbeing with her passion for colour and style to empower anyone to look and feel their best everyday.  Working from her home studio in Worcestershire, a relaxed and welcoming environment is where you will discover the real you and learn how to show your personality in the way you dress.   Jo is experienced in supporting people who may be struggling with confidence or self-esteem, those who are undergoing a life change or anyone who just feels they want to find or refresh their personal identity whether that is work related, personal or both.

As a busy working mum to a growing family Jo is empathetic to those who have not always prioritised their own needs and her professional ethos is to promote nurturing of oneself in a way which can fit easily into a diverse range of lifestyles.  Jo is able to address any body issues by focusing on the positives and is expert in approaching this with sensitivity.  With over 20 years’ experience in healthcare services and a lifetime love of clothes and shopping Jo combined her passions to become an image and style therapist in 2019 and enjoys every aspect of her career.

Visit Jo’s personal page to book a session or find out more today: House of Colour Website

Hansa, Hatha Yoga Instructor

Hansa is a hatha yoga teacher, born into a yogic family and was lucky enough to grow up watching her father doing yoga postures and breathing exercises every morning and evening. Yoga had become part of her life, so going to India and training to become a teacher was the next natural step. Rather than “doing” yoga, she leads a satvic yogic lifestyle.

With a real interest in making exercise and body movement available for all ages and body types, Hansa decided to add qualifications in teaching keep fit and dance to her skill set; this has allowed her to teach through a variety of mediums.

After teaching for eleven years, she still finds joy in every class she leads and every student she has the honour to teach.


Bobbie, Willow Angel Card Readings and Spiritual Healing

Bobbie, of Willow Angel Card Readings and Spiritual Healing, is 38 and lives in Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

She has been on her spiritual journey now for 4 years. Healing and Crystals are her passion. Not only does she have a crystal healing diploma, she is also a Quantum touch practitioner and Angelic/reiki healer and provides Angel card readings. Healing and working with the Angels has changed her life and she loves helping people on their healing journey.

If you would like to find out more about Bobbie, then visit her Facebook Page directly!