The Bridge House, Stourbridge

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course: The Bridge House, 11 New Road, Stourbridge, DY8 1PH

Starts Monday 13th January 2020 and continues for eight weeks on Monday evenings (20th Jan, 27th Jan, 3rd Feb, 10th Feb, 17th Feb, 24th Feb and 3rd Mar)

7pm to 9pm

Learn for yourself what it feels like to be mindful and have the skill of mindfulness.

It’s fantastic that we now can speak openly about our mental health and well-being without stigma or that feeling of over-sharing our personal information. It is common place now that we can speak freely, honestly and express ourselves. However, if we do need assistance, who can we ask or turn to? What is the next step in re-finding the recovery, getting back to happiness that I once had? Maybe an appointment with my doctor or therapist? You are free to choose.

You may not feel as if you are ill, but these lows are starting to affect most aspects of your life and creep in, only realising when they take hold. You may wonder when you were last truly happy? when did you last experience joy? shouldn’t we be able to be happy every day? How can we navigate ourselves around difficulties, and retain our happiness?

These encounters can seemingly take hold in an instant, before you know it the over thinking issues and continued suffering can prevail, often in silence, and worse still, actually speaking out loud that you’re suffering and no one knows what to do or say or advice and be painful and isolating.

The MBSR course is designed in a way that you will follow a series of easy adaptable exercises, revolving around meditation (not religious) as part of a group. Mindfulness has been proven by the Institute of clinical excellent (NICE) in combating and alleviating stress, depression, break downs, panic attacks, bereavement the list can go on.

Mindfulness when practiced, assists you in taking back your own control in a calm and effective way being about to take account of whats happen and to see your personal triggers in advance so you stop the circle of suffering.

Mindfulness in addition to previously mentioned issues benefits, people suffering Chronic pain, Anger, neurological conditions, self-esteem issues, eating disorders, chronic fatigue, ME, insomnia, addictive behaviour, over eating.

Mindfulness is so easy to incorporate into your everyday life, you just have to learn and be guided into it. Its an amazing course – see the website for testimonials and 5 star rating. The course starts 13th January 2020 and has limited places so booking is important. If you think this course is for you:

Cost: £260

Call today on 01902 326207 to book your seat (this course is limited to a group of 10).