Start 9.45 till 2pm

We could all use more-free time and space away from the things that can leave us quite often, drained, exhausted, emotional burnt out and overwhelmed, thinking we have to keep everything together all the time, people pleasing and overthinking, can be some of the things that we find impossible to switch off from doing.


Choose to come 1 single day or 2 days together, (discount applies for the 2 days). This set of carefully planned Wellness days have been created to demonstrate how to switch off and feel more relaxed.  During the wellness day we will be focusing on just you, when did you last do that?  practicing quiet breathing techniques, with soft back ground music, Meditation (laying down on mats) gently Yoga (mindful movement) turning ourselves away from negative thought patterns, capturing and holding on to those positive thoughts processes instead, all at your own pace, allowing us to refresh and reset in a warm welcoming environment.

The aim is for us to leave feeling uplifted relaxed and ready to move forward in a positive happy direction. The course is set with a mindful approach to make it easier to understand and stick with, always following good practice guide lines, if you have attended any of the mindful based courses previously you will find this adds immeasurably to what you have already experienced. Limited places.

Coffee biscuits and Tea /Herbal teas are available all day and are included.

*Please bring with you a mat to lay on a pillow and blanket

*Please bring your own prepared lunch to eat and water to sip.

* arrival at 9.45 for 10 to start.

Thanks for booking look forward to seeing you.

Further questions please call 01902 326207 0r 0791 449 5945

Sat 24th August 2019 – £40

Sun 25th August 2019 – £40

Sat 24th & Sun 25th August 2019 – £70

(Save £10)